Teen Intensives- Summer 2019


Learn the traditional methods of jewelry fabrication and metalsmithing such as piercing, forging, forming, bezel-setting stones and soldering while creating rings, bracelets and pendants. This class offers the same techniques and projects, with a focus on silver soldering with an acetylene/air torch, as an adult jewelry fabrication class! Students will finish several projects in sterling silver and copper while working in Spruill's professionally equipped studio and in a safe, fun and focused environment. All necessary materials and supplies are included in the registration fee.

June 17-21, 2019

9:30 AM to 2:00 PM

$260 non-member

***Closed and finished***

Summer Camp 2016-

Ages 11-14 - Sculpture Explorations


Explore your creativity with wood, metal, paper and found objects to construct original 3-dimensional artwork.


July 5-8, 2016 

9:30 AM to 3:00 PM


***** Closed and completed *****

All photography by Joanne M Hernandez. Except those with *, which are by Bart Caston.

All designs, art objects and fabrications by Joanne M Hernandez, and she reserves ALL OF HER RIGHTS, except for works labeled "student work" which were created and belong to the specific individuals.

> Please do not steal my intellectual property for personal financial gain. I feel confident that if you gave yourself some time you could come up with something much more awesome than mine. Really. Please feel free to take any inspiration, appropriation, thoughts, and feelings my work may provide you. 

> Thank you for checking out my work and my classes, and I hope you enjoyed yourself! Art is an expression of our lives, our experiences, a moment, our passions, our fears, our desires, our thoughts, our rage, our consideration, all of our beauty, our conversations, our connection to others, and of course, so much more. Art - in all of its forms and expressions- is important for all of humanity.

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