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> May we all as artists/makers/creators be aware of our ideas and intent- the differences and similarities between your ideas, my ideas, and common ideas. Please consider this should you find my specific designs inspiring you to make. I believe information, knowledge and education want to be free. I feel confident that if you gave yourself some time you could come up with something much more awesome than mine. Always feel free to take any inspiration, appropriation, thoughts, and feelings my work may provide you. I am thankful to my teachers, and hope you are thankful for yours. I am also thankful for books. Human art is a continuum, a configuration of thoughts, schools, mediums, techniques, technologies, current events, societies, politics, and human conditions. Have some fun because our lives are short. And, there is always another tomorrow for someone!

> Thank you for checking out my work and my classes, and I hope you enjoyed yourself! Art is an expression of our lives, our experiences, a moment, our passions, our fears, our desires, our thoughts, our rage, our consideration, all of our beauty, our conversations, our connection to others, and of course, so much more. Art - in all of its forms and expressions- is important for all of humanity. Everyone can make art.

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